Ranging from small, intricate autonomous panels to full-size windows, examples of my work can be seen on 4 continents: in churches, public buildings and private homes.  With over 20 years of experience, I produce  unique pieces, designed specifically with the client and situation in mind.


Every piece I make is exceptional, using glasses whose quality and shade change with the light and the weather.

I design and make stained glass windows and autonomous panels

for private and public buildings.

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Saturday, 26 April 2008

Unstone millennium window

Unique windows for every situation

The beauty of these glasses is further enhanced and embellished with paint and stain, and acid etched to create a rich textured glass.


The glowing colours will last for centuries – as long as the glass itself.


Rona Moody Stained Glass

Unless otherwise stated, all photos by and copyright of Fizz Stuart

I work in both traditional leaded techniques and modern appliqué, using mainly hand-made, mouth-blown glasses from England, Germany, France, America and Poland.


I have just moved to Pittsburgh, USA!

I have now set up a studio here

and look forward to continuing to work in stained glass.